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Reviews for Rockside Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Rockside Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Marc Friedman



See what people have to say

  • Great place, I recommend it all the time to people. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    - Christopher V.
  • The staff and the doctor were both nice and open to any questions I had. Very excellent service!
    - Darrell P.
  • Great staff!
    - Roland G.
  • Everyone is very friendly and pleasant! Awesome job!
    - Colleen C.
  • Keep up the good work. Thanks for having eye contact with me. Thanks for taking the time out to explain things to me.
    - Jacqueline R.
  • Excellent staff and practice. Cares about clients
    - Steven B.
  • Great experience. I see improvements after each visit. Dr. Friedman knows what he’s doing.
    - Anna S.
  • Very nice helpful and happy with the experience and helpful manner l was given.
    - Patricia H.
  • Thanks so much for taking excellent care of me!
    - Rachelle D.
  • I am so grateful that I’ve found this place. The staff is excellent and Dr. Friedman is patient and listened to me and my concerns. He came up with a plan, so now I’m on my way to a pain-free back and healthier life.
    - Peggy K.
  • Very pleasant and professional!
    - Davianna L.
  • Was very happy and pleased the first time. He explained what would be done. Excellent service.
    - Patricia H.
  • So happy to have continued chiropractic care. Gotta love the Friedman doctors.
    - Judith W.
  • Dr. Friedman and his team are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I am fortunate to be under their care.
    - Heather Y.
  • Love coming here. Dr. Marc and his team helped a lot.
    - Areanna W.
  • Dr. Friedman was terrific! Very friendly and approachable.
    - Veronica Z.
  • Very friendly staff and very helpful will recommend to everyone.
    - Linda M.
  • I have received excellent service and I am very pleased with my experience.
    - Mark M.
  • I truly appreciate each visit and they’re helping me out so much.
    - Brandy S.

I am so GLad

I am so glad that I choose to make an appointment and from the get-go everyone showed me that they were concerned and wanted to start my treatments to get me started on the road to feeling better! If you have questions or concerns, Dr Feldman listens and gives you an explanation you can understand. I highly recommend him!
-Christine S.

Friendly and Clean

From the ladies upfront to the Dr...I speak very highly of the practice and tell everyone of my experience. This is the most friendliest and clean office I've been in. Dr. Friedman really listens to your descriptions of the issues you've come to him for and uses his expertise to address those issue. I am very pleased with my visits..
-Warren P.

Provides Real Treatment

I wish I would have met Dr. Friedman before the first chiropractor I went to. I would have saved a lot more money and time. Dr. Friedman actually provides real treatment. So having experienced two different chiropractors, I'd say, the correct way to run a practice/office, is how Dr. Friedman does it. - Oriana G.

Highly Recommend

I'm really impressed with the Dr Friedman, his staff and the entire experience. I've been to chiropractors and physical therapists for about 35 years & have never had such success. The doctor took his time and listened to all my situations. He did an x-ray & reviewed my MRI's before he started treatment. He then chose a method of manipulation that is best for me. I feel blessed to have found Dr Friedman and highly recommend him to anyone suffering with back and / or neck pain.
-Michele H.

Relieved the Pain

I started acupuncture to relieve pain and it not only relieved the pain from arthritis, but it also took the sensation of smoking away. It has been over 30 days and I have not had the craving for a cigarette and the smell of tobacco makes me sick. - Kimberly L.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Friedman is VERY knowledgeable and does OUTSTANDING treatments!!! He's also friendly and compassionate!!!
-Shana W.

Outstanding Team

Dr. Friedman and his whole team are outstanding. I would recommend him (and have) to anyone with any problem that could be helped by chiropractic care, and as I'm learning from Dr. Friedman, that includes lots more conditions than I knew. - James S.

Very Comfortable

The staff Mark, Kia, and Lindsey all were very professional but yet they made me feel so comfortable answering all my questions and concerns. Mark implemented a recovery plan that would fit my needs. The office is clean and sanitary. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend them. -Sunday M.

Provided Me With A Plan

"I had been under the care of other chiropractors previously. Rockside Chiropractic is much more clinical and explains not only what's wrong, but the plan to fix it. They also have tools and tables that I have not previously seen that really gets me well adjusted." - Marc W.


"I was welcomed and given confidence that my health can be on the right direction of being restored." - Matthew A.

Awesome People

I love coming to you guys your experienced and helpful overall awesome people and Lindsey is the best receptionist you could ask for!

~Brittany M.

Really Like The Office

I really like the office atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff. In addition, I appreciate the way patients are scheduled, no overlapping appointments meaning I don't have to wait long periods of time before my sessions.

~Kari J.

Friendly And Professional

Very friendly and professional staff, the extent of my injury as well as a treatment plan was explained thoroughly. I am starting to feel much better thanks to Dr. Friedman and his staff.

~Jeffrey C.


Dr. seemed very concerned about my problem and determined to get me relief. Gave understandable answers to questions. Very happy with his service.

~Ronald A.

Will Be Back

First visit was very smooth, helpful, and hope-filled. The chiropractor was friendly, clear, and refreshingly low-pressure. I will definitely be back!

~Dan S.

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