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Meet Dr. Marc Friedman

Dr Friedman family photo

Dr. Marc Friedman and family

Commonly, I am asked “Do you enjoy being a chiropractor?” The simple and honest answer is “Yes, of course I do…”

The more detailed answer would go something like this…”Being a health care provider in today’s world is very different than prior generations. Health care today is commonly influenced by what I would call outside factors such as: politics, personal bias’, bombardment by print and t.v. advertising pushing a drug-based solution to all ailments, and managed care (those who dictate care without ever seeing the actual patient). Needless to say this is a challenging and hostile environment, unlike one that we have ever seen. The bottom line is that our approach to proper treatment provides a high percentage of people with the significant relief and high quality personal care that they are seeking.”

My Chiropractic Journey

My own personal experience with chiropractic began at the age of 15. I was always drawn to athletics and played both football and ice hockey, although hockey was my passion. After getting injured playing high school football I began seeing an orthopedic surgeon. My injury deteriorated and did not respond to prescribed medications. I was then told that I might need low back surgery. My parents decided as a “last resort” to take me to a chiropractor recommended by the high school trainer. Even after the initial visit, which involved a thorough analysis of my injury, something I did not get with the orthopedist, I felt a sense of confidence that my problem would begin to be corrected. The “hands-on” approach of physically working on my back, since that was where my pain was coming from made so much more sense to me than popping a pill. Subsequently, after no more than 2-3 weeks I was getting significant relief. I was fascinated with chiropractic from that time on.

In retrospect, as a 15-year-old, I had no bias towards chiropractic care and was uninfluenced by any other factor before walking in the door. All I knew at that time was that this doctor helped me, it did not matter what the title was after his name. If people were able to experience what I did in the mid-1980’s I have no doubt more of those suffering on a day-to-day basis would be seeking out chiropractic care.


I attended and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in ’97 after graduating from Michigan State University in ’93. I was somewhat surprised that virtually all healthcare professionals take a similar curriculum during the first year of studies. The core chiropractic technique courses, that every chiropractor takes, makes us what we are today when treating patients. Interestingly enough though, I feel that my undergraduate degree in psychology gave me a great background that has become equally as important as chiropractic technique in dealing with everyday daily happenings within today’s health care setting.

Practice Philosophy

I think our patients appreciate the personal service that they get with our practice. Many patients tell us of dissatisfaction with their prior health care professional. That could mean anything from the front office staff, the doctor’s care, the doctor or staff’s inability to fill out appropriate documents (especially with a work injury case) or even a sensitive financial issue/concern. I personally make sure to address any concern that a patient of our practice has.

About Me

I was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Cleveland in ’97. I met my wife in 2002, and we have been married since November 2007 and have two wonderful children. Our daughter was born in July 2009 and our son in November 2011. My family is my inspiration and I truly could not be any happier with my personal life. I feel that this provides me with a clear mind and a sense of calm.

Chiropractors also need chiropractic and I try to get regular care once every 14-21 days, if my body calls for it maybe even more often then that. There is no question that it helps keep me functioning at an optimal level. I try to workout 3-4 times per week and feel it is good to keep changing workout regimens to keep your body from a routine set of exercise. I used to focus all my workouts on free weight lifting and running. For a period of time I did max interval training which does not require weights and the workouts are primarily about cardio. In the summer of 2012 I began CrossFit training which is a strength and conditioning program commonly used in police academies and military training. The workouts are challenging and intense, but I really enjoy it. There are way more “pros” to regular aggressive exercise than “cons”, however, I strongly feel that those people that do engage in aggressive exercise need to seriously consider chiropractic care as an adjunct to that type of lifestyle. The regular stress of everyday life can be enough to cause musculo-skeletal related problems that are commonly treated by chiropractic care. When you introduce the additional stress of aggressive physical exercise sometimes you can experience injury even though you are getting tremendous benefits! Listen to what your body is telling you! Regular pain is simply a signal that something is wrong.

I try to enrich my body with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat. I take regular whole food nutrition from Innate Response Formulas (see link on the helpful community links tab) because I feel that no matter how well you eat it is nearly impossible to get all the essential elements your body needs. One of the reasons that I switched to Innate Response Formula products is because of the strict quality control measures the company takes in verifying the potency of what you are purchasing and what is NOT in their products. I try to stay away from eating fast food and I do believe that we are what we eat! Admittedly I do have a sweet tooth and if doughnuts were a health food I’d eat them everyday.

I am a believer in only rare anti-biotic or prescription drug usage. Additionally, over-the-counter medications are not as safe as most people think and they are commonly abused like many other prescription drugs. My children have never had anti-biotics or a prescription drug in their bodies.

I am eager to listen to what you have to say, especially in relation to whatever type of health concern that you might have. It is said that 80% of a diagnosis is determined by closely listening to what someone says to you.

Call our practice to get scheduled or simply email me with any concerns or questions you may have and I will respond.